Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my-first-crush....untuk mas erma azni

n response to this great story, I'm gonna tell mine in an excruciating detail.

Unlike her, I remember clearly my first crush story. Chris Rock had once said it's called 'crush' because you're the one who're getting crushed. And that's exactly what I got back then. I got crushed.

It was back when I was 8. Every weekdays from 2-6 pm, I had to go to 'sekolah agama'. One thing I love about this sekolah agama is its long break hour. And during this recess period, we would always play. Playing cop tiangpolis sentrigalah panjang. You name it. Sometimes, I crashed the girls' lompat-lompat getah punya game too!

But, amongst all I have always loved galah panjang. I was a regular player. We used to play galah panjang on a badminton court that is located in front of our class. And because it was so close to our class, the girls would sit around, eat their meals and look (and sometimes cheer) at us boys while we were rocking thegalah panjang game.

And one of our regular 'fans' was Farahin. She was in my class. She was one of the most pro-active students in our class besides me. We used to ask our ustazah a lot of questions while she was teaching. But we were lucky to have a lovely ustazah who would put up with our bullshit questions about Fekah, Siroh and Akhlak.

Unfortunately for me, Farahin attended different 'sekolah pagi' than me. So, I had to go to sekolah agama every day to see her. I just had to. She wasn't the prettiest girl (but in my eyes she was a goddess) in the class, but she was one the brightest kids in my class. And, she was nice to me too.

My oh my. Come to think about it again, I always have a thing for smart girls.

Anyhoo, during this time too, the girls in my class dah pandai-pandai menggatal dah. During recess, when they were having their girl talk, they would ask each one of 'em who they like the most in class. And they freaking wrote it on a book! 

So, one day after my usual galah panjang game, as soon as I enter the class, the girls told me that Elly liked me. FYI, Elly was like the cutest and smallest girl in my class. And all the girls cheered like we were getting married or something. Cewah cewah. Pewwit Pewwit.  Elly dah tersipu-sipu malu

Goodness me. This shit is serious, I thought. At that time, I felt like there is only one thing left to do.

"Tapi aku suka Farahin.."

There you go. I said it out loud in front of the class. The class went mental. The pewwit pewwit went up so loud as I slowly look at Elly's crushed face. Farahin looked astonished. But as I walked to my desk in the midst of crazy cheers in my class, I swear I could see a little smile at the tip of Farahin's lip. 

p/s: That was freaking 14 years ago. It was a stupid thing to do. And I don't even know where on earth these two girls are now. Probably happily married. Maybe not. I don't know. The thing with Farahin was over of course. But I'd admit I still have a thing for smart girls. Not genius-smart. More like street smart likeTina Fey. Hahaha.

And yeah, tell me your 1st crush story pulak.

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